Who makes gifts to the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin?

Anyone (individuals, families, organizations and businesses) interested in the future development of Central Wisconsin, whether a resident of the area or not, anyone may make gifts to the Foundation. Gifts are often made to memorialize a friend or family member, recognize an achievement, honor families, or encourage philanthropy within an organization.

The list of donors is truly reflective of the diverse community that has helped to create legacies and a better future for Central Wisconsin.

How large must a gift be?

Gifts may be of any size … $5 to $50, $500 to MILLIONS or any amount in between. Anyone can donate and know that their gift makes a difference in their community. Establishing your own “Named Endowment Fund” or “Seed-A-Future Fund”, as we call it in the beginning, requires a minimum lead gift of only $600.

How can I give to the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin?

Donating options include outright securities, real estate, insurance, and personal property such as art or cash. Your gift may either be given outright or may be made through a bequest or trust agreement as a deferred gift. Many donors name the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin as the beneficiary of their retirement plan, investment accounts, etc, through their wills. There is no form of giving that is too complicated. Please contact us for more information.

May I give to an existing fund?

Yes! You may give to any of our funds at any time. Gifts may be contributed to any existing “Named Fund” to recognize the individual(s) honored by the name. You can also give to our unrestricted fund such as the “Community Fund” by which dollars are granted out each year through our grant cycle to nonprofit organizations in the community. You may also donate to any of the funds named on our list of established funds.

If you're like many donors, you'll find that giving through us is the easiest, most advantageous way to achieve your charitable goals. We take into account both your charitable interests and your personal needs. We will work with you or your professional advisor to identify opportunities, whether immediately or through your estate, to help you achieve your charitable intent, while receiving the best tax advantages available. Here are some of the many benefits of giving through the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin.

Tax Advantages

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin is a public charity which allows your contributions to qualify for the maximum deductions allowed for charitable contributions.

The Possibility of Permanence

Your gift to us can be made to a permanent endowment fund that will benefit your community well into the future. This allows your gift to the community to have a lasting impact.


The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin offers extraordinary flexibility in your fund choices, the assets that can be used to establish your fund, and our ability to fulfill your charitable wishes now and in the future. Gifts can be designated for special interests or left unrestricted. The possibilities are endless!


Establishing a fund with the Foundation is less costly and time consuming than handling the details yourself. We handle all of the paperwork and record keeping in our office, making your giving easy and stress free.


A single gift to the Foundation can support numerous charitable causes and eliminate the need to collect multiple receipts. As a public charity, our foundation is free from the operating restrictions, excise taxes, and administrative requirements imposed upon private foundations. Therefore, more of each gift made through us can be used for charitable purposes.

Professional Management and Accountability

We work closely with professional financial managers whose investment decisions are monitored by our Finance Committee and our Board of Directors. All Community Foundation grants as well as gifts received are detailed on our website at as are the results of an annual independent, professional audit.

Community Impact

Our Staff, committee members, and Board of Directors have extensive knowledge of community needs, current trends, and local nonprofit organizations. Because of our broad perspective we ensure that the grants we distribute are targeted where they will have the most impact on the community.

Leah Lueck
Community Foundation of Central WI