Common Resolution

Common Resolution

Resolution accepting the Nine Tools of Civility

Whereas, the residents of "name" place a high value on respect and civility in their lives and they understand that these characteristics are essential to any healthy community; and

Whereas, "name" addresses sometimes controversial issues about which people often feel passionately – which at times leads to uncivil behavior; and

Whereas, an atmosphere of incivility and disrespect can have a damaging effect on the proceedings, and on the quality of debate, and on the practice of democracy itself.

Therefore, be it resolved that "name" recognizes Nine Tools of Civility that will provide increased opportunities for civil discourse in order to find positive resolutions to the issues that face our area. These tools include:

1. Pay Attention
2. Listen
3. Be Inclusive
4. Don’t Gossip
5. Show Respect
6. Be Agreeable
7. Apologize
8. Give Constructive Criticism
9. Take Responsibility

Leah Lueck
Community Foundation of Central WI