Board Members

Board Members

Our governing board is a group of community volunteers who work to promote philanthropy throughout all of Central Wisconsin.

The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin is made up to 27 directors. They each serve a three-year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms. Our directors come from a variety of professional fields, and are connected to numerous nonprofit, religious, service and social organizations within the community, usually having held leadership positions.

They provide leadership to the Foundation by setting policies, overseeing investments, disbursing grants, identifying community needs, and serving as a catalyst for positive change in the community. They are the Foundation's best ambassadors.

Feel free to contact any one of our directors with your questions, with your ideas or dreams for our community.

If you are interested in serving on our Board or any of our committees you can find more information about the commitment of time and expertise that we are looking for by clicking below.

Board of Officers
Rick Flugaur President
Trish Baker President Elect.
Jim Robinson Vice President
Justin Regnier Treasurer
Carie Winn Secretary
Jim Canales Past President

Board of Directors
Trish Baker Joan Laabs
Jim Canales Michael Lauterbach
Soua Cheng Katy Olson
Dawn Cherek Tiffany Praeger
Christopher Cox Justin Regnier
Michele Dufresne Jim Robinson
Rick Flugaur Sue Shulfer
Jami Gebert Dave Williams
Dan Kinsella Carie Winn
Jennifer Koeppl

New Board Members

who joined the Foundation Board of Directors in July 2017

Jami Gebert

Dan Kinsella

Joan Laabs

Emeritus Members

Emeritus Director status is designated by the board to individuals who have made significant contributions for an extended period of time.

Marg Coker-Nelson Mark Makholm (in Memoriam)
Mary Croft Gil Oelke (in Memoriam)
Helen Godfrey (in Memoriam) George Rogers (in Memoriam)
Betty Iber (in Memoriam) Anne Schierl
Mark Ilten Bob Worth
Edie Kraus (in Memoriam) David Worth

Board Members Past and Present

As of now, over 150 extraordinary people have served as directors of our Foundation.  We thank all who have helped make our community such a wonderful place in which to grow, to work, to play and to retire - by helping people, enhancing education, enriching arts and culture, contributing to wellness and improving the environment. We are all blessed because they said “YES” to service.


Sue Acaley Fred Kreul
Elaine Boyce Jones Beverly Laska ★
Michael Lauterbach
Paul C. Adamski ★ Florence Litzow
Anton Anday Mary Loomans
John Anderson Ron Lostetter
Judy Cable Anderson Mark Makholm ▲★
Terry Anderson Rob Manzke ★
Jay Arend ★ Kathleen Martinsen
George May
Trish Baker Gerard McKenna
Brant Bergeron William Meyer
Richard Berndt Joe "Rusty" Mitch
Bill Berry Nancy Newell Moore
James Boston Paul Munck
Debbie Bradley Ray Nass
Jeff Budelier Patty Noel
Jerry Bushman Gil Oelke ▲★
John Butkus Gerri Okray
Jack Butler Heidi Okray
E. John Buzza ★ Pat Okray
Jim Canales ★ Katy Olson
Tom Cashin Barbara Pavelski
Soua Cheng Rev. Ronald Pechauer
Greg Chelcun Bob Penn
Dawn Cherek Don Peters
Marg Coker-Nelson ▲ Jeff Peterson
Robert Cooper ★ Wilma Pfiffner
Donald "Lucky" Copps Torren Pies
Marie Copps Karl Pnazek
Jim Corcoran Tiffany Praeger
Mary Croft ▲ Gary Pucci
Christopher Cox
Kathy Davies ★ David Quick
James Davis David Ray
Leonard DeBaker Jared Redfield
Justin Regnier
Molly Diedrich Richard Reigel
Nancy Dolce Craig Reinking
Michael Dry Dan Revai
Michele Dufresne Maurice Rice
Tom Eagon Scott Rifleman
Richard Eckberg Andrew Risberg
Amy Eddy ★ Richard Robbins
Karen Engelhard Paul Roberts
Meg Erler Jim Robinson
Michael Faeth George Rogers ▲
Constance Fang James Rothenbach
Marcus Fang
Rev. J. Thomas Finucan ★ Karla Rothmann
James Firminhac ★ Terry Rothmann ★
Rick Flugaur Leslie Rusek ★
James Ford Jr. Maris Rushevics
Brian Formella ★ James Saunders
Caroline Fribance ★ Richard Schedler
Jeanne Galecke Anne Schierl ▲
Jami Gebert
Leonard Gibb William Schierl
Barb Gifford Ted Schlafke ★
Gary Glennon Paula Schlice ★
Helen Godfrey ▲ Ken Schmidt ★
Jean Gross Wyman Schmidt
Gordon Haferbecker Jim Schuh
Lucille Hafner Scott Schultz
Gordon Hanson John Seramur
James Harmon Sue Shulfer
John Hartman Cheri Smith
David Helbach Stephanie Sotiros
Virginia Helms
Angie Heuck Dennis Spindler
Clarence Hintz Robert Spoerl ★
Beth Hoffman ★ Linda Steffen
Eric Hofmeister David Stewart
John Holdridge Clell Stien
Vernon Holmes Jason Studinski
Larry Huebner Robert Taylor
Betty Iber ▲ Yang Pao Thao
Mark Ilten ▲★ Betty Timm
Sharon Jakusz Dan Trainer ★
Vicki Jenks Bob Von Holdt
Pamela Jewell John Wandrey
Marian Joanis Marge Wartinbee
Brad Johnson Dave Williams
Dick Johnson Mary Williams
John Jones
Cheri Karch Marvin Wimmer
Ben Katz Carie Winn
Dan Kinsella
Jerry King Phyllis Wisniewski
Christine Klessig Carl Wohlbier
Tom Klismith Randy Wojciehoski
Sue Koehl Bob Worth ▲
Jennifer Koeppl
Albert Kohn Dave Worth ▲★
Barbara Konkol Louis Wysocki
Jim Koziol ★ Jennifer Young
Edie Kraus ▲ Mary Zurawski
Joan Laabs

▲ = denotes emeritus status

★ = denotes past presidents

Leah Lueck
Community Foundation of Central WI